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    A man doing work in his yard in Perth

    For many homeowners, the garden is one of life’s simple pleasures, and maintaining it is a yearlong endeavour. In this post, we’re going to look at three major clean-up seasons when you may want to consider bin hire to help dispose of some of the green waste you produce.

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    Winter: Pruning Trees and Shrubs

    Pruning creates the largest volume of garden waste. Whether you’re cutting back the shrubs or trimming overhanging branches from your ornamental trees, you’re going to be left with some unwieldy green waste that needs to be disposed of. This is best disposed of in a hired residential skip.

    In Australia, the best time to prune is usually in the winter. Most plants are dormant at this time, and those that aren’t are typically nearing the end of the flowering season. This means they’re going to have a lot of gangly growth that is ready to be removed.

    If you commit to much pruning before winter, you’re at risk of trimming branches that are set to flower. That’s why experts usually recommend waiting until most of the flowers are falling from the trees. This allows you to fully enjoy your flowering trees and then set them up for another burst of colour in the coming seasons.

    Spring: Clearing Outdoor Furniture and Minor Garden Waste

    Spring is the best time to take a closer look at your outdoor furniture. The weather is warming up, and many homeowners start thinking about entertaining and hosting outdoor barbecues. This is a good time to check and see if any of your outdoor furnishings and fixtures are showing signs of wear.

    You may find that all you need to do is repaint the wooden furniture and tighten up any loose nuts or bolts. If you determine that any of your outdoor furniture is beyond repair, consider hiring a small residential bin to dispose of these furnishings along with some of your green waste.

    This is also a good time to rake through the garden to pull up any dead growth and dispose of it. Check the perimeters of flower beds and other features and remove any weeds that have grown up.

    Finally, we mentioned above that pruning was best taken care of the winter. If you haven’t tended to this yet, early spring is your last best chance. In particular, look for spent flowers, old canes from perennials and any branches that have been nipped by frost. These are ready for removal as well.

    Autumn: Leaves and Borer Damage

    There isn’t much clearing work to be done during autumn aside from raking leaves.

    Assuming that you’re composting at least some of your garden waste, it’s probably safe to say that you won’t be looking for any major disposal methods at this time.

    The exception is borer damage, which is easy to detect when the trees are bare and going dormant. You’ll want to trim affected branches and dispose of them in a bin.

    As you probably noticed, we left summer out of the equation. That’s because there’s really much clean-up and clearing to be done time.

    You’ll have some ongoing maintenance to do during the summer, but this is really when you want to be out there enjoying the fruits of your labour.

    Table of Contents

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