All Perth skip bin booking enquiries are tentative until confirmed by Allmetro Bins.

A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given for all booking enquiries. Allmetro Bins does not operate during the weekends.

For urgent deliveries please call (08) 9201 1118.

Sizes and Prices


  • Household waste
    Construction Waste (Heavy)
    Construction Waste (Light)
    Green waste
    Asbestos (special bin required!)


  • Looking at your property from the road where should we put your bin? Please remember that our bins and trucks are heavy and can damage driveways/paving etc. All care is taken but we accept no responsibility for damage.

    On the drive-way
    On the right hand side of the drive-way
    On the left hand side of the drive-way
    Next to the drive not on it
    On the council verge
    On the front lawn
    With the bin door facing the drive
    With the bin door facing the house

Allmetro Bins provides our skip bin hire services to a range of clients across Perth’s northern suburbs and southern suburbs.

With our fleet of trucks, we can provide our customers with fast, efficient, and affordable Perth skips bin hire services.

With daily delivery from our depot to locations all over the Perth metropolitan area, our skips will be delivered to you by our team where you need them, when you need them, at a competitive price.

All Metro Bins - Skip Bin