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    Did you know that the average Australian household produces around 2.25 kilograms of waste per day, and that Australians create 67 million tonnes of rubbish per year? 

    The drive to recycle is a global requirement, as everyone must do their part and double their efforts to avoid inundating the world’s land and oceans with waste. With the help of kerbside recycling bins, The City of Perth have been recycling paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, and other used materials.

    But if there’s anything our history as humans producing tonnes of waste has taught us – it’s that we can always do better. In fact, we cannot wholly depend on kerbside bins to do the job for us.

    Sometimes we need to go the extra mile and head to a specific Perth recycling centre to ensure the recyclable items we cannot bin are recycled.

    So if you’re ready to get better at recycling, check out these Perth recycling tips and other essential information.

    What Can You Recycle in Yellow Bins?

    To this day, some people are still confused or unsure about what items should go into the yellow bins you see on the kerbside.

    There was a time when different councils and material recovery facilities (MRFs) in Perth had variable rules concerning which items belonged to those yellow kerbside bins. However, in 2018, the MRFs finally decided to have a unified policy regarding what people can throw into the yellow bins.

    Today, the acceptable recyclable materials destined for the yellow-lidded bins are:

    • Aluminium and steel cans
    • Empty glass jars and bottles
    • Plastic containers and bottles (plastics no. 1 and no. 2 are the most valuable)
    • Cardboard and paper (includes paperboard cartons, newspapers and magazines)

    To clarify, plastic no. 1 refers to polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET) plastics, which are clear. This type of plastic can be recycled into carpet, fibres, panelling, bags, furniture and polar fleece. PETE or PET plastic products typically found at home include:

    • Soda and water bottles
    • Beer bottles
    • Peanut butter jars
    • Mouthwash bottles
    • Salad dressing containers

    Plastic no. 2 are plastic items made of typically opaque high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is used commonly in the following household items:

    • Milk jugs
    • Juice bottles
    • Cereal box liners
    • Yoghurt tubs
    • Butter tubs
    • Shampoo bottles
    • Detergent bottles
    • Household cleaner containers
    • Motor oil bottles
    • Toiletries containers

    This plastic can be made into recycling containers, picnic tables, detergent bottles, pens, lumber, benches, fencing, etc.

    What Can I Recycle At a REDcycle Facility?

    The recyclable soft plastics that you are not allowed to throw into the yellow bins can be recycled via REDcycle facilities in Perth.

    Below is a shortlist of items accepted in REDcycle facilities:

    • Bread bags
    • Dry pet food bags
    • Fresh produce bags
    • Pasta and rice bags
    • Biscuit packets (wrapper only)
    • Paper goods packaging (e.g. kitchen towel plastic)
    • Frozen food and veggie bags

    There’s a complete list of items REDcycle accepts and doesn’t accept on their website.

    Where Can I Find a REDcycle Facility in Perth?

    The collection points are located in the following places:

    • Woolworths St Georges Terrace
    • Woolworths Subiaco Square
    • Woolworths Murray Street
    • Coles Raine Square
    • Coles West Leederville
    • Coles South Perth
    • Coles North Perth

    What is Containers for Change?

    Containers for Change is a Western Australia initiative meant to encourage everyone to get involved with the state’s drink container recycling efforts.

    According to the website, Western Australia alone uses 1.3 billion drink containers every year. Containers for Change aims to reduce drink container waste and ensure eligible containers get recycled.

    The program is very simple. You just need to get a scheme ID, collect eligible containers, return the containers and earn a refund of 10 cents per container or donate your containers to your chosen group using their scheme ID.

    Container returns can be done via depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines (RVMs) and pop-up refund points.

    Where Can I Find Perth Recycling Centres Nearby?

    There are several Perth recycling centres that you can go to directly to dispose of recyclable waste that doesn’t go into the kerbside bins or isn’t accepted by REDcycle.

    • Terracycle: They have community collection hubs across Australia (including Victoria Park and East Perth), with free programs for beauty products, contact lenses and packaging, mail satchels, coffee pods, and dental care items. They also have paid programs for businesses or companies (but are free for consumers) for the collection of cigarette waste, media storage, plastic gloves, safety equipment, etc.
    • Perth City Farm: They are a drop-off for Terracycle and also accept e-waste and other items that are difficult to recycle, including cork and craft items. For e-waste and other recyclables, there are certain local council offices, libraries and establishments (e.g. IKEA, certain Bunnings stores) that also serve as collection hubs.
    • CLAW Environmental: This facility is into plastic recycling in Perth. CLAW is located in Welshpool and accepts most types of plastics except black polystyrene meat trays. They cater to commercial and industrial clients as well.
    • Total Green Recycling: Specialising in electronic waste recycling for businesses and residents, Total Green Recycling is located in Welshpool.
    • Recycle IT: Located on Havelock Street, West Perth, this facility specialises in electronic waste and caters to commercial and industrial clients.
    • Officeworks: Not a recycling facility per se, Officeworks sells school and office supplies. However, through their Don’t Bin It, Bring It project, they accept recyclable e-waste and stationery items.
    • H&M, Zara and Upparel (aka Manrags): These companies have programs for the collection of garments that are then reused or recycled.
    • Sheridan: They collect used sheets and towels for reuse or recycling.

    For more information on other recycling facilities nearby, check out the Planet Ark website.

    Everyone can make a bigger difference in Perth’s and WA state’s recycling efforts and the country’s push for sustainability on a bigger scale. 

    Hopefully, these tips and all the information shared here can help you become a more efficient recycler. For more information, contact the Allmetro Bins team on (08) 9201 1118 or by sending an enquiry online.

    Table of Contents

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