Are you planning on doing a major backyard or garden makeover? Does your property have tree branches, tree trimmings, shrubs or logs that need to be removed?

At Allmetro Bins, we pride ourselves on our fast, reliable and hassle-free garden waste disposal services. With our range of Perth skip bins, we can quickly deliver our skip bins to your property, no matter whether you’re located north or south of the river.

As a locally owned and operated Perth business, our number one priority is that you receive an affordable, reliable, and practical solution for rubbish and waste disposal. We have skip bin sizes ranging from 3 cubic metres to 12 cubic metres, so you are bound to find one suitable for your green waste removal needs.

When you need to get rid of piles and piles of green waste – including twigs, leaves, tree cuttings, palm fronds, grass clippings and branches, make sure you hire a skip bin from Allmetro Bins!

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Green waste refers to biodegradable garden waste. If you’ve done any gardening or backyard maintenance before, you would know all about the pile of green waste that is often leftover.

Sometimes your backyard project is only small, and a green waste wheelie bin is all you need to dispose of your debris.

However, for those bigger gardening tasks such as pruning your trees or landscaping your garden, you may need to use a skip bin hire service for your green waste collection.

When you use our green waste removal service, you can dispose of the following:

  • Grass Clippings
  • Tree Cuttings, Branches, Bark and Twigs
  • Shrubs & Yard Clippings
  • Weeds
  • Soil
  • Palm Fronds and Trees
  • Wood and Wood Chips

Please do not dispose of any hazardous waste in our skip bins, such as liquid waste, chemicals, flammable material, batteries, paint, food and asbestos (an asbestos-specific skip bin is required).

Some other objects that are commonly incorrectly placed in the green waste which the facilities are equipped to handle and should be avoided include:

  • Brick, concrete, sand, pebbles, stones, rocks
  • Perishable and non-perishable food
  • Tree trunks and branches larger than 150mm in diameter or 1 metre in length


If you are working on a commercial project in Perth where you will be conducting a large amount of green waste removal, we recommend our 12 cubic metre green waste skip bin. Or, if you require more, we are also able to supply you with multiple skip bins.

If prearranged with our team, we can pick up your green waste skip bin and then, with our collection service, take it to the recycling centre before returning it back to you so you can continue clearing your garden organics.

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Cost and time effective: You may already have the local council green wheelie bins around your neighbourhood which recycle household green waste. However, these green waste bins tend to be too small to accommodate medium to large amounts of green waste and are typically only collected once a fortnight. If you need to dispose of large amounts of green waste, you could be stuck slowly disposing of your green waste over months – unless you want to spend your time and money driving back and forth to the tip.

However, hiring one of our range of green waste skip bins is the faster and more convenient method. You can pile all the green waste into the skip bin in one hit, and one of our friendly team members will come to collect it. This way, it can all be done at once, you save petrol money driving back and forth to the tip, and you don’t have an eyesore sitting in your backyard.

Eco-friendly: When you dispose of your green waste in one of our green waste skip bins, you are helping to close the waste loop.

If green waste is disposed of in typical landfills, it cannot break down and simply takes up room within the landfill. However, when recycled in a facility such as the one we use, it can be turned into compost and mulch, giving new life and purpose to the natural resource.


Our green waste skip bins are not just quick and affordable, but they are friendly for the environment too.

Once you’re finished with your green waste skip bin, we will dispose of your garden waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Green waste is 100% organic, so it has a different processing method than other types of residential and commercial waste.

At Allmetro Bins, we will bring your green waste to a licensed recycling facility. Green waste can be repurposed and recycled into helpful gardening products such as mulch and compost. If you don’t have time to compost your own green waste, our green waste removal services are the next best eco-friendly solution.

Together, we can help the environment by recycling our green waste to reduce landfill and our community’s carbon footprint.

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For over a decade, Allmetro Bins have been one of Perth’s best waste management companies, providing outstanding customer service and reliable skip bin hire, delivery and collection services. We are fully equipped to serve all of our WA customers, whether you require green waste skip bins, or residentialcommercialconstruction and demotionmixed or asbestos waste disposal skip bins.

With an extensive range of skip bin sizes available to ensure that our customers get a skip bin that best suits their needs, the Allmetro Bins team are your go-to WA business for professional rubbish removal and Perth skip bin hire services!

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