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    Different types of recycling bins in Perth

    Whether you’re spring cleaning or just tidying up, decluttering or renovating – knowing when to recycle something and when to simply toss it in the rubbish bin is important. In fact, there are many household items that absolutely should not (both legally and ethically) be disposed in the regular rubbish pile.

    But sometimes it can be difficult to make the call. That’s why we’re dedicating a post to determining when an item belongs in the rubbish pile, and when it’s better off placed in the recycle bin.

    A Brief Word on Skip Hire

    If you’re hiring a residential or commercial bin to help with the clean-up process, then it’s worth pointing out that the team that collects the bin will see to some of the sorting and recycling. They’ll give you some guidelines regarding what is not allowed in the bin, which is likely to include the following:

    • Liquids
    • Wet paint tins
    • Hazardous materials (such as asbestos)
    • Tyres
    • Food waste

    As for those items that are allowed, the bin provider will sort the items that you’ve disposed of in order to recycle those things that they can. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as they’ll be able to collect some additional cash on the items they recycle, while you get the satisfaction of knowing that any recyclables you disposed of ultimately made it into the proper sort pile. If you are looking for a mini skip bin in Perth, we would love to assist you.

    What Everyday Items Should I Recycle?

    Let’s move on to the household items that you may want to hold back for recycling rather than throwing them in the rubbish pile. As you’ll note, some of these correspond to items that you’re probably not allowed to send to the bin, which makes it all the more important that you identify and separate them out yourself:

    • Paint – Most paints (and stains, for that matter) have hazardous chemicals that should not be disposed of as regular rubbish. Use up as much paint as you can, and leave any residual amount in an open can to dry before the metal is scrapped.
    • Tyres – These are bad for landfills and shouldn’t be disposed of. Instead, send them to your local mechanic’s garage for recycling.
    • Appliances – Many household appliances contain small amounts of hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. Fortunately, most bin-hire companies will scrap and recycle them for you.
    • Batteries – Some can be recycled; others need to be disposed of through a dedicated facility.

    Check in with your local town council to see what options are available:

    • Electronics – Your old laptops, smart phones and other gadgets shouldn’t be disposed of in the regular rubbish pile. Find a local electronic recycling organisation that accepts them.
    • Oils and grease – Small amounts of cooking oil or grease can be sealed up and thrown in the rubbish. For larger amounts, find a local collection centre to dispose of them.

    We’ve only covered a few of the most common household items that can be disposed of. You can ask your bin-hire provider for more detailed information, or consult a recycling guide like this one.

    Table of Contents

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