Do your skip bins have a ramp?

All of our bins have a ramp except the 2m3

Do you allow mixed waste in the bins?

Yes we do – please see the Mixed Waste service page for the details on how to load the bin

Where is the best place to put my skip bin?

Most people choose to have their skip bin placed on the verge with the ramp facing the driveway or the house. We can put your skip in other locations but please be aware that although due care is taken we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused

What can’t I put into the skip?

No asbestos, wet paint tins, liquids, car batteries, tyres or food waste can go into the bins

How long until my skip can be delivered?

Generally we need 24 hours notice although we will try and accommodate last minute bookings

Can I keep my skip for longer than 7 days?

Yes you can, please call our office before the day of pick up and we can arrange a later pick up date.

Is there a charge to keep my skip longer?

Yes – $49 for an extra week or $15 for the day

To what level can I fill the skip bin?

The bin needs to be kept level with the top of the bin with nothing sticking out.

How can I book a skip bin?

You can either order online or give our office a call

How can I pay for my skip bin?

Skips can be paid by either cash on delivery or credit card over the phone.

Can I have a receipt?

Yes please let our office know and they will email you a receipt