Allmetro Bins provide Perth skip bin hire services for the safe removal and disposal of asbestos. Our team of licensed operators are highly trained in health and safety practices and can provide asbestos waste disposal efficiently, safely, and with minimal environmental impact.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to six types of naturally occurring silicate minerals. These minerals are incredibly durable and resistant to heat, fire and a variety of different chemicals – attributes that are in high demand across a range of industries. As more people learned of this ‘miracle’ material, the use of asbestos in skyrocketed across Australia.

However, it was quickly learned that breathing in airborne asbestos chemicals could cause several serious diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, pleural plaques, and asbestosis. On 31st December 2003, the use of, manufacturing, and importing of asbestos became an illegal offence.

How Can I Keep Myself Safe When Handling Asbestos?

Have you been thinking about removing the asbestos present on your property? There are many health risks associated with asbestos, so if you don’t feel confident handling potentially dangerous materials, please don’t hesitate to call Allmetro Bins for help as we can provide Perth asbestos skip bins.

Given the health issues associated with asbestos waste disposal and removal, you should always follow best safety practices. Please be advised that a person who is not licenced to remove asbestos cannot remove more than 10 square metres of asbestos. Should you require, Allmetro Bins can provide licensed operators to remove your asbestos waste at an additional cost.

Preparation Phase

  • Lay purpose-made plastic sheets to protect the ground from contamination.
  • Close all windows and doors, and seal gaps to prevent dust spreading to other areas.
  • Remove all furniture and other household items from the area.
  • Before placing asbestos in a skip bin, it needs to be completely lined with 200mm polyurethane sheeting. Once all asbestos has been placed in the skip bin, it must be wrapped, sealed and labelled with the words “CAUTION ASBESTOS” with 50mm high letters in accordance with the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992.

Work Phase

  • Wear personal protection equipment, including a dust mask.
  • Avoid cutting, drilling or using power tools on the asbestos.
  • Wet the asbestos to reduce dust (never use a water blaster to do this).
  • Handle asbestos gently.
  • Minimise the time you spend in the work area.

Clean-Up Phase

  • Have Allmetro Bins remove your asbestos skip bin from your property as soon as possible.
  • Thoroughly clean everything that was exposed to asbestos, including clothing and tools.
  • Only use vacuum cleaners with attachments designed to deal with asbestos fibres.
  • If you want to sweep, spray water over the work area first to avoid releasing dust.

Do note that this is far from an exhaustive list and cannot be considered a substitute for real health and safety training. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, we advise leaving your asbestos removal to the experts.

Why Call an Expert for Asbestos Waste Disposal?

At Allmetro Bins, we pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading asbestos waste disposal service built to meet the needs of Western Australia.

Our team of licensed professionals have extensive experience with the disposal of asbestos and can help you dispose of waste material quickly, safely and sustainably with our Perth asbestos skip bins.

Get in touch with the Allmetro Bins team on (08) 9210 1118 or send us an enquiry today to find out how!

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